San Fran Exit Route


I did a recon ride yesterday, then realised it wasnt the easiest option. So this morning I will follow the coastal route and hope the deep fog that sets into San Fran eases. It should lift as I ride about 20km out of the city. Weather here is colder than expected. Luckily I have a full array of Rapha kit and I will use a lot of it today. As I move down the Coast, I should be able to lighten on the merino and arm warmers, as well as the wind jacket. Los Angeles feels 10degrees warmer.

Technology has been a total pain. But Dave and I can work this navigation out. My pigeon Beacon is generally pretty good. Plus, thank goodness for iPhones.

We will hit Rapha in the next hour. Then the journey begins. I have documented many things on instagram. Its easier & quicker than blogging the images here. So you can check those out too. But here are a few pics of yesterdays ride where we explored the skirts and petticoats of San Fran.. this City is so beautiful that I am sure to visit here again.

IMG_0493 (1)IMG_0517  IMG_0519 (1) IMG_0523 IMG_0549 (1)

Chat soon …