27/10/2013 PEDAL ALL DAY SOLO Day 6 Ventura, CA


My last day of the Pedal All Day Solo. 800km in 6 days has been the most consistent cycling I’ve managed so far. But in this scenery I could pedal forever. So many people have asked why I take on this ride. The driving force was to raise money and awareness for Macular Disease Foundation, but the motivation comes from experiencing a place through a love of road riding. In the meantime I have grown the warmest affection for my Dedacciai Super Scuro.Image


I said goodbye to Venura this morning, and pushed on to the highways towards my Los Angeles destination. Ocean views again spread over my right with spectacular cliffs and rolling hills. The warmth of lower California is remarkably different from the foggy San Fran Coastline. Suncream applied liberally still couldn’t stop the tanlines so familiar to cyclists.

After 100km I passed Malibu and that fabulous RVCamp perched above the beach. It oddly felt like home. With David meeting me at this point to escort me into the City we again passed those fabulous architectural feats clinging to the Western shoreline. We again merged into traffic mayhem and, once hitting the inner City, diverted to a strip of restaurants. We stopped at ‘Raw Volution’ and ate ate ate.


Everything here was delicious and I’d recommend it for the tastiness and their creative use of zucchini cunningly displayed as pasta. Sweet!

With food and coffees attended it was time to return to our RV parked at Malibu.  A few photos were taken of the moment I passed the 800km point.


The final stop of my ride was at a Malibu beach with my trusty stead that never once let me down. The celebration was driven back to town, where I further ate at a another funky restaurant strip (so many here) and a cocktail bar where an awesome bartender provided necessary post-riding sustenance. Suddenly LA became less freaky and, for the next few days we settled in to enjoy many more km’s of unreal cycling and plenty more eating.

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