PEDAL ALL DAY SOLO, DAY 3 Big Sur through to Morro Bay, CA


big sur bike ride

Terrain on the Big Sur was unbelievable. Not only did the scenery overwhelm me, it tortured me. I knew at some point it must end. The feeling on the bike and over the road itself was totally sweet and Id be inadequate to describe the adhesion felt between the road and my bike this day. Choosing lines over passing bitumen has never felt as good as this. The white line sliced that road like a thread of icing over chocolate cake. I wove my way through those hills, soared into deep corners and felt like I was flying.

california cycling

big sur coast

cycling use

rapha usa

When I slowed up sharp inclines, I looked at blue sky and towering grasses to my left. To my right the ragged cliffs plummeted. The waves ate shards at the rocky baseline. Those rocks looked sharp and, if I were to fall, would cause some serious bouncing. The crashing of water brought along with it yelping seal noises and the cries of gulls.

Later I came close to huge number of seals laying on a beach. I’d waited in a traffic jam a half hour before getting to that point, and as I was going at pretty good pace, I kept riding past. A gravelled road approximately 4km was in the process of being pressing in readiness for a good layer of bitumen. The cars were lined up and on standby. So I took the liberties granted to bikes and rode up front. There I met 2 motorcyclists following the same path to LA. Visibly impressed with my effort, they thought my plight was pretty grand.  Workmen granted us permission to enter the gravel and I led the parade of vehicles over the rough surface. A workers ute held us at a pretty steady pace. But I had apparently upped the kudos levels in the minds of the motorcyclists as, on passing me later, they vigorously pumped their fists and yelled out.

dedacciai rapha


The leg of the trip was ridden without trouble. I arrived in the town of Morro Bay. It was quiet. Clinking boats atop the water were still and the scene proved incredibly photogenic. I relished in a hot shower. Soon after I sat on a bench looking at the water and slowly enjoyed a beer with Dave. The RV is parked behind me in this shot, and later we found some great bars not far to the right of the Bay.

morro bay rock     morro bay harbour

At these moments I think about how blissful it is to be able to see. To have vision allows me to ride, alone. With riding comes the rush of experience. Sounds, along with the feel of cold wind, the sensations of speed and the smells of the ocean were all bought in this occasion by my ability to see. Travelling in the closed compartment of a car cannot compare. I will never forget this.

cycling beer

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