Quinoa with banana breakfast

After a good coffee and quinoa with banana in the van, I set for Rapha to start the first leg of my Pedal All Day adventure. This first leg of 7 (which I did in 6), was a solid but gentle 135km ride. A few inclines, the greatest only 200m, was a nice rolling leg turner. But I diverse..

outside the RPAHA Cycle Club in San Francisco

outside the RAPHA Cycle Club in San Francisco


Rapha was the perfect spot being close to the Golden Gate Bridge and central. It allowed me to skirt west of the City to follow a coastal Road. But other than a few pieced memories of our hectic ride the day before, I wasn’t exactly sure how to get onto that route.IMG_0585IMG_0584pedalalldaysanfran

After our brief 60km exposure to the highways of San Fran, the idea of exiting this fog filled City really freaked me out. Our RV site hadn’t had any wifi the night before. And I technically couldn’t download maps onto my Garmin 800. As always, I was completely ill prepared when it came to having a set direction. This tends to ignite drama to my gasoline tank of crazy experiences in life. In any case, on this trip through the misty wonderland of San Fran, I was really riding blind. Luckily my pigeon beacon set fire, and I was born to the outskirts of San Fran.

IMG_0590 (1)

IMG_0593san francisco beach bike

It took a good time to get out of the city but eventually I followed the beautiful Pacific Coast. Easily the most spectacular, and moving ride I had, at that point, ever had the fortune to ride. I certainly did not take my sight for granted as I soaked in as much as my eyes could take. The experience of navigating these highways and solo riding along this massive incredible coastline. The scene along the way was littered by pumpkin farms collected for Halloween. Id forgotten about this event. But i was quickly brought up to speed by the sheer abundance of pumpkins and pumpkin paraphernalia.

ride to santa cruzlighthouse san fransisco ridepumpkin halloween usa bike ride

Finally I made it, without too much drama, turmoil or pain, into the depths of Santa Cruz. This City was surprisingly easy to melt within and the night was spent relaxing with beer, a most amazing David cooked meal, and me looking forward to riding the start of the Big Sur the next day. Finished day two at Santa Cruz

map san fran to santa cruz

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