California Dreaming

newport beachat 40kmRVF PICKUPlong beachimage (6)

Awesome Sunset and Sunrise Rides for David and I over the last two days. Its been a great tapering period (totally tongue in cheek). I mean seriously, who could throw away an opportunity to ride these roads simply because of a few hundred kms they have to do next week?

Will get another one in tomorrow before we drive to San Fran so I can start the big 800km for Macular Disease. Speaking of which, as diet plays a huge part in md I thought it would be hard if not impossible to find good healthy basic food here. But there are heaps of Japanese restraurants, and wholefoods opens up an entire new dimension for organic produce.image (2)

more photos coming..

3 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. Look at Dave’s smile!!! That’s been off his palette for almost a year now. Have a great time you two! Honestly don’t know what I got till you two have gone but in saying so, have a ball! I reakon Joe’s Pizza on Santa Monica…or whatever is after Venice Beach near the Coney Island on the beach strip in LA is the best pizza ever.

  2. Yes Kev, Davie is smiling! There has been a great mixed bag of emotions happening over here. We will look forward to a treat when we reach LA in search of pizza strictly with olive oil.
    Phil – Im off in an hour. Having my caffein hit and wrestling with technology. San Fran has huge areas of deep fog, so i need to be safe and visible. The fog should generally clear about 20km out of the city. fingers crossed. its a maze of highway networks but i think i have it sorted. My time here has been spent on the bike, so the legs have gotten used to consistent use. thinking of you all today.

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