Nothing New for Race Day – Excluding the New Dedacciai Super Scuro

I know the term ‘nothing new on race day’ makes utter sense. But when you’re offered an incredibly beautiful and phenomenally awesome Dedacciai Super Scuro, sense does not enter the equation.

Please welcome the new Dedacciai to my family. Being in the workshop as David built her was better than watching the candy maker. This Italian perfectionist had the Scuro ready for the next days ride.Image



I can very gladly say, this bike provided the most incredible 115km through the 3 gorges of Sydney yesterday because this bike is a beast! My brief description is based on this route that offers some steep descents and long winding climbs. The highway is fast, straight, with quite a few hills and dips. Firstly, the bike doesn’t like potholes or lapping asphalt. But if I cared about that Id ride a sprung & padded seat. So, moving on, the main highlight was a strong connection with the road Id never felt before. It takes a bit for me to adjust to the speed of a new bike down steep and sharp-turning roads. But the strength of that tapered head tube when you move your weight down low, allows you to quickly fuse to the bike. The stability is unreal.

I confess I took this bike nowhere near its potential. The excitement of knowing it can do so much more than me leaves me wanting to build a relationship with this incredible machine.


Its hot. I could be that infamous model from the latest string of repulsive cycling adverts, wearing stilettos with pants so tight Id split them mounting this bike, but I doubt anyone would notice me. Because its all about the bike.

Descending those twists down Galston Gorge was exhilarating. The transition into each opposing corner was super smooth and I can’t help feeling guilt at not being able to put in the power I know it was made for.


This image is of 4 of our amigos team (kev is taking the photo) amking a quick ferry dash over Berowra Waters before the climb up, up & up.

Thanks to David, Im super excited to get that bike packed and ready when we both hit L/A in two days time. If you missed the news, Dave is my mechanic, cook, and personal motivational coach for the 7 days of riding I’m doing for Macular Disease.


This is the RV he is driving. Dave really will be doing it tough in the air conditioning, while I sit back and relax into the 800km ride. Ive done road trips in New Zealand with these RV’s and I’m looking forward to spending my nights in a familiar room, as opposed to turning up in a motel and relocating my stuff. Our first night will be spent near Malibu as we drive to San Fran and survey the coastal route which I’ll be returning on the Dedacciai. I may be spending some pre-ride time in the van, but my mind will be totally on the Scuro and what promises to be an incredible first-time experience for both of us.

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