Recon for New Routes around Sydney East

Another brilliant sunrise in Sydney wakes us up today. Instead of enjoying a coastal ride, Im eating a late breakfast. Apart from a commute about town, I’ve opted for a needed rest day. I think this is deserved after my last few days of riding. Speaking of which, how awesome was the population of riders meeting at Rapha yesterday? The groups were divided into 4, each taking the riders to coastal views and hills. My choice was the Coogee to Maroubra 30km route, which I extended to about 80km.


The ride took me to some unknown pockets where I found an awesome new track, and explored some unfamiliar streets. It breaks up a bit of the monotony that happens on longer familiar solo rides.How is this for some off road riding?

ImageAfter my hours accrued on the saddle, I ate cake. Not just any cake, but a healthy, gluten free carrot cake with heaps of nuts and quinoa. Wholly Molly, what an awesome recovery fuel. Much better than the protein shake I consumed later.


There are a few days before I head to LA. and I want to get as many km’s into the legs as possible. My foam roller is getting a good work out & with a deep tissue massage booked for tomorrow, I think I’m pretty well prepped for the 800km adventure. Just me & my sunnies, my bike, and the Pacific coastline.

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