The Amsler Grid


ImageI usually wake in the dark. Like most people who love to ride, getting out of bed at this time is habit. Though it never feels normal. Waking in the light brings a different experience. My eyes open to a white ceiling above me distorted by the dots of MD. After a minute, and my retinas adjusts to the flood of light, the missing spaces glue themselves back together and I move on with the morning routine.

On request a few years back the MDFA sent information along with a grid called the Amsler Test. Marc Amsler wasn’t an abstract artist, but a Swiss Ophthalmologist dude who wanted to simplify the test of retinal function. I own a copy of Mr Amslers work, and it sits on my fridge. You can use the online versions to check each eye and see if you have distortions or missing areas. If this is the case, visit your eye doctor to check your vision.

So, now I successfully checked my retina with no difference than yesterday, I’m off for a solo pedal.

An update with photos of my progress are to follow …

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