Festive Feast and Raffle Time

If we need an excuse to party like its 1999, raising funds & awareness for a worthy cause is a good one. A few nights ago a festive feast was held at the Sydney Cycle Club in Sydney to raise support for those with Macular Disease.

Talking has never been Paul's IssueMy friend BigMan Paul visiting from New Zealand – the night could not have had a better MC

The best of cooking was performed by Kate, Betti, Klara, Dora, Paul, Ben & the unforgettable chocolate cakes by awesome Shaun. Everything was vegetable oil free & home-made. Unbelievably good!

Lots of raffles were given &, thanks to Bondi’s Kemenys for their amazing discount on alcohol, we had excessive drink to finish. A return party is required to complete this mission.

Norwex Winner! (with Dave)Norwex Winnings!

Bikebug were truly fantastic supporters. Every gift bag included a bikebug.com $20 voucher, not to mention SIS gels, Farmer Jo muesli & Allpress Coffee. Why did I pick these companies? Because they are my favorites. Local maker Farmer Jo does the most incredibly yummy organic breakfast cereals, including the gluten-free option – scrummy with fresh yoghurt and bananas. And, as a supplier of coffee for Rapha, Allpress Coffee is seriously the finest Bean Roaster in town. I have a few packs of their beans to get through customs & I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

BigMan Paul MC

BigMan Paul MC with Gift Bags

Its been a hard few days to get over the event and back into a routine. So this post has been sadly delayed. My lovely friend Libby deserved an immediate thank you for her eloquent speech on Macular Disease, its prevalence, and the needed support for the MDFA.

Abby, Libby & James

Abby (Lululemon Yoga Mat Winner!), Super Lady Libby & James

The best supporters helped the night’s success, and I would be amiss to leave out their names: Bikebug, Westfields Bondi Junction, SpecSavers Randwick, BikeLab, Bondi Bikes, Allpress, Farmer Jo, Kemenys, Norwex, Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction, Lululemon & Libby Design. Thank you for the warmest, generosity of 50 guests, and the awesome Rapha Team who held the event – who served, cleaned and provided the best hospitality I could ever have wanted. Klara, Matt, Lina, Shaun & Danny – you are absolute gold. xx

Spreading the word about Macular Disease has never been more important and, if I succeeded by having every guest talk about it beyond the party room, then I feel very satisfied indeed.

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