Good Morning & Thanks for the Ride


(photo of Rapha crew stolen from Tom Wallis, thanks tom)

Leading an unfamiliar bunch can take a few km’s to ascertain the general riding level. But, thanks to a good amount of calling and a great sense of fun, our group today was instantly cohesive. I had a fantastic bevy of 8, keen to shake up our normal route. Chatting & laughing through Centennial Park started our cycle to Maroubra. The beach never fails to make you feel good. We passed a few ocean views that made me question if this was the best time and place in the world.


You can just make out Beach St following up the center of the above photo. That incline offers a distinct chorus of sounds. Our GPS systems chimed, heart rate monitors beeped, turning wheels offered rhythm accompanied by wayward huff & puff. I love this quiet. Beach St makes you work together but, simultaneously, carve your own path. Thanks for another awesome ride guys & gals.


Now I’m cooking up a meringue frenzy. Tomorrow is the Pedal All Day fundraiser and its going to be a bonanza night. Festivities, raffles, food and music with gift bags and fantastic company should keep everyone happy. Hope your coming.

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