This morning I cycled in Centennial teaching benefits of smooth and efficient gear changing.


I enjoy passing on knowledge. I could have done with a little when I started out. With that sort of thinking in mind, I recently succumbed to advice that, for months, echoed on the lips of many well-educated and sensible contacts. ‘Alison’, they said ‘you should do yoga.’ For years Ive been saying ‘yes yes, I’ll do it’. So last week I stopped procrastinating and jumped into the pan to experience Bikrim.

This is no ordinary yoga, its the kind that fries your eyes up like quail eggs on a hotplate. I just ate a few cheese balls, so I’m not in a position to educate the lasting detox effects of yoga. But I can share one piece of advice. When they tell you ‘our towels are big and they cost $1 to borrow’, don’t hold on to your conveniently carbon-light tea towel to save a penny. This isn’t about a fear of you smearing yourself all over their communal yoga mats. Its about you not having your nose directly in contact with the smell of what, in probability, is a little of everyone who used it before you. Mats aside, the actual yoga is addictive, and I plan to endure it a few times before I leave for the Pedal All Day Experience.

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