1 girl 4 boys & 3 gorges

ImageI love riding with boys.  I can’t help it. I’ve read that most women enjoy the social aspect, which I understand too. But I also totally get that macho responsive need to whip lycra butt. I must sadly confess to slight euphoric sensations when my group of ‘rogue riders’ take on a peloton of logo emblazoned big-boys. With my two crazy Italian friends often taking lead, I push boundaries of my riding. And this is the best. You can always push pedals harder or faster, turn quicker and descend better. Small tricks and skills are only improved through experience and risk. Its not something that happens on all my groups. Its not even something I need every time I ride. But I’m really lucky to have found such a variety of people with skills and styles.

The plan with the boys yesterday was to explore the three gorges – Galston Goprge, Berowra & Bobbin Head. We succeeded to get a few pic’s along the way. This is such a gorgeous area – both stunning and at times technical. Image

This 120km from Sydney includes many sharp, deep descents followed by curvy steep inclines.


Three Gorges - Galston, Berowra, Bobbin Head

Three Gorges – Galston, Berowra, Bobbin Head

I like to conserve my energy and up the bigger hills I’m prone to the Cadel Evans grind. I patiently wait for the other cycling testosterone-fueled enthusiasts to burn out before any last hilly bends. A bit of a nod and a smiley ‘good morning to you’ sadly boosts my ego. I do refrain from throwing my arms up, but a bit of a fist pump doesn’t go astray. Yes, our bums may need different chamois, and my handlebars may indeed be smaller than yours, but when I whip butt I can later embellish and boast over my win with a dark beer as good as any of the boys. And don’t get me started about ‘female specific’ stuff. Eeek, that’s a pothole I can break a spoke in during a future post.Image

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