Training Ride


I always love the adventure ‘mystery’ rides on Friday. I get to visit the beach, see the sunrise and be in the company of the most fabulous group of cycling women. Today our experimental bunch made it to Maroubra via Coogee Coastline.



The most magnificent views wait on the top of some seriously feisty hills around this area. The dozen of us carved those lumps on Alison Road like pro’s. And, while Beach Street threw up its nasty high-grade incline, the unsuspecting battlers won the day. Getting our breath back we pedaled on towards what we affectionately call, the Wall. This one is a grating steep ‘pain in the butt’ if you start on the wrong gear. Um. not too many did that.. moving on.

ImageIts good to look around and smell the roses. We reached Maroubra Beach and noted the blue ocean patiently waving at us. After getting a photo of our general awesomeness we pushed back to the Rapha Cycle Club. That Allpress Coffee gang roasting here in Sydney definitely make the hills worth climbing.

Thanks girls. I’m not sure you were aware of participating in my personal training regime – the smiles in those photos imply I failed to make you work hard enough 😉


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